With Thanksgiving on us, it's time to go full turkey  Just like everybody I am thinking about the food, the turkey, dressing, cranberry's  and pie,  We are doing it all to Christmas music, don't get me wrong, I love Christmas music, but shouldn't we have some Turkey Day Music too?

A quick search showed me that Thanksgiving is a pretty popular topic when looking for songs. We found videos of tunes that feature some kind a cartoon baby monkey, um, thing, one about Mr. Turkey's feathers and a few with techno beats. Take a look below and pick a favorite from our top 10 picks... Of course, we have to start with the one that most all of us have heard...

Adam Sandler's 'Thanksgiving Song'

'Everyone's Thankful Except for the Turkey'

Cartoon Baby Monkeys Love Thanksgiving Too

The Song You'll Be Humming for Weeks

A Rousing 'Thanksgiving Overture'

Pilgrims Jiggle, Apparently

Mr. Turkey, the Stuff of Nightmares

Extra Crispy, Extra Creepy

Mc Hammer Is Probably Really Proud

It's Techno Turkey Time!