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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:


A Texas man wanted to make sure he didn't get a bum steer at on his wedding day, so he turned to a rather unique best man - his pet buffalo!

Ronald Bridges chose "Wild Thing," a tame critter who sleeps and eats inside the family's house, as part of the wedding party because "he's part of the family ... he's a real softie." The new Mrs. Bridges said, "He looked absolutely amazing in our wedding pictures. He was especially brushed for the occasion, so that he looked really smart. We were so proud to have him at our wedding."

Cops in Maine are on the hunt for a man who's suspected of not robbing a local bank.

The man, who was wearing a ski mask and a tightly zipped hoodie, walked over to a counter at the bank and began to write what appeared to be a note. When the bank's manager saw what was going on, he asked the man to take off the hood, which he did revealing the mask and a dark hat as well.

Questioned further, the man pulled out a cell phone and began talking on it, scooting out the front door in the process. He's being sought for questioning on grounds of suspicious behavior.


A Georgia woman who was in the process of being busted for assault tried to ensure her right to remain silent, by asking if she could shove a crack pipe in her mouth!

Essie May Jones was suspected of stabbing a male companion in a fight involving several people, so cops showed up to haul her off. While she didn't resist, she asked the arresting officer if she could smoke some of her crack stash first, since she wouldn't be allowed to smoke it behind bars.

The deputy declined the request, but added possession of a controlled substance to her list of charges.