If you thought your Bluegrass taste buds were fulfilled after this year's Beartrap Summer Festival, well think again.  On August 26th you will have another chance to sink your teeth into some more popular Bluegrass music. "The Corridor Presents" is excited to announce another live show at the Wolcott Galleria Theatre.  This show will be featuring, straight from New York City, The WIYOS.  Along with Tin Horn Prayer from Denver Colorado and your local favorites, The Dang Ol' Boys.


The WIYOS, who's name comes from one of the toughest gangs to once prowl the New York City Streets, have traveled all over the world sharing their music with fans in Canada, France, The Netherlands, and The United Kingdom.  In 2009 they were hand picked by Bob Dylan to tour for seven weeks as the opening band for the Dylan Show, featuring Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp.  Their sound takes a vintage accent and blends it with hints of Bluegrass.  Their more recent music will give you a more classic swing and New Orleans style rythm with human beat-box mixed in.  If you have yet to hear these guys and their classic Bluegrass rythms, the night of the 26th would be the ideal time to test out the waters.



A few months ago I got the pleasure of traveling down to Denver with a couple of the Dang Ol' Boys to enjoy their show with Tin Horn Prayer.  Their music is something that I had never heard before.  Tin Horn Prayer takes the sounds of Bluegrass, Folk, and Punk and mixes it all into a combination of what they describe as "a chainsaw cutting through a pile of beer bottles. In a good way."  This band features music talents such as Mike Herrera from the Blackout Pact and Sleeperhorse, Scooter James from Pinhead Circus and Love Me Destroyer, Andy Thomas from Only Tunder and Ghost Buffalo, Eric Epling and Camden Trendler from Throwaway Sunshine, as well as Ethan Steenson.  With talent like this all clustered into one great sound missing a show like this would not be the best decision you've ever made.


If you have yet to run into any one of the Casperites who take pride in calling themselves a Dang Ol' Boy then, if I were you, I would be on the phone right now calling the babysitter.  You won't want to miss the opportunity of listening to the sweet sound of Bluegrass mixed with an Irish Influence coming from a group of 8 men who call themselves The Dang Ol' Boys.  After playing together for years, in 2009 they decided it was time to share their music with, now, thousands of fans.  And we are all glad they did!  Their music flare will send you into a Guiness induced coma with a non-stop urge of stomping your feet and clapping your hands.  If you have yet to hear these guys, make sure that August 26th you'll be at the Wolcott Galleria. DANG!


This once in a lifetime show (well I hope not once in a lifetime!) will be on August 26th at the Wolcott Galleria Theatre (136 S. Wolcott, 2nd Floor).  The doors open at 6:30pm and cash bar will be available with a valid I.D.  Tickets are available at The Corridor, Sonic Rainbow, Wind City Books, Galloways Pub and Fields Creek 104 for a General cost of $12 (Balcony $16).  Grab your Dang Ol' koozie and I'll see you there!