To help you safely navigate the slick roads this winter, here's the five worst out of state drivers you will need to avoid on the streets and highways of Wyoming.

1. California/Florida/Texas - If you see any vehicles with these license plates, stay as far away from them as possible. These people have no idea to drive in the ice and snow and should be considered dangerous to everyone on the road.

2. Utah - Like Wyoming drivers, Utah residents are familiar with inclement weather. Perhaps a little too familiar. Maybe it's because the ski rack on their Subaru impairs their vision, but Utah drivers never get out of the left lane.

3. Nebraska - While Utah drivers won't get out of the fast lane, our neighbors from Nebraska won't ever get in it. These slowpokes put along on the highway like a combine rolling through Scottsbluff. Speed it up, Nebraska.

4. Colorado - At this point, it's safe to assume that everyone with a Colorado plate is stoned. While adept to driving in snowy winter weather, be on the lookout for discarded fast food and candy wrappers coming from their vehicles. The Wyoming wind can also make it difficult for Colorado drivers to spark up while driving, so exercise caution around them on windy days. .

5. Montana - We'll give them this, Montana drivers know how to handle the cold. The biggest concern with them is dodging any dead animals that may fall from their pickup trucks. Also be on the lookout for cups of chewing tobacco spit coming from their vehicles, especially if a woman from Montana is behind the wheel.