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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Beard Is The Word
#2 - All Wet In Detroit
#3 - The Goose Is Loose

Beard Is The Word

A Florida man has found a way to shave a few dollars off his debt -- by selling advertising space in his beard!

Jack Twachtman, a 30-year-old who's about to graduate from college with a degree in marketing, signed a deal with Dollar Shave Club to walk around with a small advertising sign clipped into his impressively bushy facial fur. He says, "It goes in your beard like a little beret, and then you just wear it around. People come up to me and talk about it, take pictures of it."

At a fee of $5 per day, Twachtman isn't getting rich, but he's able to keep his chin up and hope it gives him an edge in the advertising job market.

Source: WJXX

All Wet In Detroit

A Canadian man struck a blow for Detroit's flagging tourism board this week -- by downing eight beers and swimming to Motown from his home in the Great White North.

John Morillo says he "had been drinking, but wasn't really drunk" when he hopped into the Detroit River from a pier in Windsor, Ontario and began the swim on Monday night. He brought a friend to the shore to watch the journey, but when that man lost sight of Morillo, he called authorities who sent out rescue boats and helicopters to search for him.

When he was pulled out of the water, Morillo told a Coast Guard officer that he'd actually made it all the way to Detroit, but sensibly enough, decided to swim back immediately -- and was found part way through the return trip. He says, "I’ve been telling people I could swim across the river for 20 years and they all laughed at me, and I finally did it. But I would not suggest anybody do it. It’s just really stupid and I apologize for all the people that had to go out looking for me."

Source: UPI


The Goose Is Loose

Officials in China are hoping they can make criminals duck -- by training a team of geese to patrol a stretch of a rural province.

Shawan county police chief Zhang says geese are better than dogs for law enforcement , calling them “sharp, keen and a radar that doesn't need power." Last month, one gaggle of police geese managed to trap a man who'd broken into the local police headquarters to try making off with a motorbike. They surrounded the cycle and honked loudly until a cop responded.

Source: Daily Telegraph (U.K.)