When you think of viral videos, Korean rapper Psy's 'Gangnam Style' immediately comes to mind. The song and dance combo has had more spin-off clones then a Star Wars movie. But its reign on the top may soon be crushed by the 'Harlem Shake'.

Not to be confused with the dance that originated in Harlem, NY roughly a decade ago, the song Harlem Shake is by electronic/trap/drum & bass musician, Baauer. The first credited Harlem shake video/meme goes to online comedy vlogger, Flithy Frank. The Harlem Shake caught on because it's fairly easy to copy and very VERY short in length. The only ingredients needed to make a good Harlem Shake video are: some sort of video recording device,  the song (of course), a short amount of time and multiple like-minded/possible crazed individuals, preferably with props. Did I fail to mention no formal dance training is needed?

It really is that easy. Don't believe me, well... see the above as my fellow Townsquare Media co-workers and I (or how I like to refer to us as: the 'NAP' or 'Nichols Ave Posse') do our best rendition.

And Just for giggles, this is the first Harlem Shake video I ever saw. Loved it!!! Is there a better way to spend family time together?