Deny it all that you want.  As sad as it is with all of the turbulent world events currently blanketing our country and our lives, Charlie Sheen is very much a part of the news--and rightfully so.  We very well could be watching the final days, tragically, of a very gifted actor, and one of my favorites.  

From his last major bender involving adult film actresses and plenty of drugs to the suspended production of his show, Two and a Half Men, the calling out of its creator, and finally his firing; Charlie Sheen's life has taken a very dramatic turn in a short amount of time.  And it's all been documented on video by Charlie, himself.  He has over two million Twitter followers and his spirited and nonsensical ramblings have taken on epic proportions.

I've been a fan of  Charlie for years.  Part of me wants to believe that this is all a Joaquin Phoenix-style joke, in which the actor created a facade and "pretended" to lose it for the sake of documentary.  Unfortunately, this just doesn't seem to be the case.  If it is fake, he certainly deserves an academy award, and I'll be the first one to applaud.  Right now, it just looks scary.

We  don't like to glorify this, but it is news,  and quite possibly a major cry for help.  Here is the link for Charlie's latest edition of "Sheen's Korner."  Be advised that at points, the language is graphic and the content is of an adult nature.