The late Johnny Horton recorded the song, The Battle Of  New Orleans in 1959.  Even though many previous artists had recorded the song, penned by Jimmie Driftwood; it would be Johnny's version that most will remember.

He took the song to the top of the Billboard  Hot 100 that same year.  It was a hit on both the country and pop charts, and it even reached #16 in Britain, despite being banned by the BBC for the lyrics, "the bloody British."

A few facts about Johnny Horton:

--He was a star athlete and was offered basketball scholarships by 26 schools.

--He played pinball well enough to earn roughly $200 a day.

--He had premonitions of his own death.

--He married Hank William's widow, Billie Jean, less than a year after Hank's death.

--He was also known as "The Singing Fisherman."

--He made some great music.