In another move to create the strongest and most sustainable community driven effort to end hunger, Wyoming Food for Thought Project announces their monthly giving program, The Power of One.

“The Power of One is the idea that one dollar, one can of food, and one person can make a difference,” said Jamie Purcell, Executive Director. “With the continued increase in the number of children who are receiving our Food for Thought Food Bags (currently over 440 children every weekend), we are reaching out to increase the number of people involved in our efforts.

Rhonda Zimmerman, who helped craft the Power of One concept, asks, “What is - The Power of One? It's really very simple. No one can do it all, but if we focus on the one in front of us, the one within our own reach, each one of us can help solve the issue one person, one piece, one dollar at a time."

The Power of One asks you to give monthly: $1, $25, or more. It takes just $300 to provide food bags to one child all year; every weekend and break from school, including weekends in the summer.

To take part in The Power of One, visit or call 307.337.1703
Wyoming Food for Thought Project is a local organization founded in response to the need for more to be done in our community in regard to hunger and food access.