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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Losing a Game of Cat and Mouse
#2 - Toilet Seats Lifted
#3 - The Price Is Wrong! 

Losing a Game of Cat and Mouse

A criminal crew in Russia thought they had concocted the "purr-fect" scam until corrections officers caught them trying to smuggle a batch of illegal booty into a prison by taping it to a cat!

Guards at the prison about 600 miles north of Moscow spotted a literal cat burglar trying to climb a fence on the perimeter of the grounds and went in for a closer look only to find the feline felon loaded down with cell phones, chargers and other contraband. It wasn't immediately clear which of the jail's prisoners the material was destined for, although officials are still investigating the crime.

The kitty won't have to spend any of its nine lives behind bars, it was released from custody a short time after the bust. (Mirror U.K.)


Toilet Seats Lifted

Cops in Brooklyn are looking for a gaggle of crooks who have both sticky fingers and stinky ones – after a crime spree that includes robbing bars of their toilet seats, bathroom fixtures, and even disinfectant cakes from inside urinals.

The pee-brained criminals have targeted taverns in a trendy part of the borough, where they've walked off with such tasty treats as a soccer-themed urinal mint, where users were able to relieve themselves between a set of mock goalposts. One female customer noted, “Seriously, that is so disgusting. It’s very strange, but it seems to me like a typical soccer guy thing to do.”

The women's rooms are being targeted as well. Another bar reported that its ladies room was ransacked for toilet paper and feminine products from its in-stall vending machine. (New York Daily News)


The Price is Wrong

A North Carolina woman saw her disability scam spin out after she took a spin of her own – as a contestant on The Price Is Right!

Cathy Wrench Cashwell had been collecting a pension for several years after claiming she couldn't carry out her duties as a postal worker because of a serious shoulder injury she suffered on the job. She had filed paperwork claiming that she couldn't stand, sit, kneel, squat, climb, bend, reach or grasp in any way.

But during the course of an investigation, one eagle-eyed worker spotted her on the game show, where she was able to raise both hands above her head and give a hearty spin to the showcase showdown wheel. She pled guilty on Monday to charges of federal fraud charges. (UPI)