The origin of really ugly Christmas sweaters goes back to the 1980's but nobody really wants to take credit for the trend.

Brian Scott, Townsquare Media

According to mass produced Christmas sweaters were initially made and
distributed by a company named Jingle Bell Sweaters but those that made them famous were Chevy Chase in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and the fella who wore more sweaters than anyone and the Father of the ugly sweater, Bill Cosby.

The first Ugly Sweater party is credited to a couple of fellows in Vancouver, Canada who held their first back in 2002 and who continue to hold an annual party in celebration of the ugliest.

Whether it is the nostalgia of having a sweater adorned with snowflakes or the idea of making a fashion statement during the holiday season, there are retailers who are taking advantage of the resurgence of the popularity of the sweaters and are offering vintage sweaters and creations of their own to a very receptive public.

My friend Julie Lawrence at Cactus Arts Studio here in Casper allowed me the opportunity to wander through her inventory for these amazing looks.

Surely there are better and worse sweaters out there and we would all like to see them. Feel free to share. Merry Christmas.