New years is a great time to fine a new relationship!  But if you're trying to find a relationship online you will have to go through approximately 16 people before you find someone special. 

This is the biggest time of year for online dating, statistically speaking. And if you've been online searching for someone special for the past week or so and are getting discouraged because you haven't found the person you're destined to be with yet, you might try to be a little patient.

A new survey showed some interesting results when it comes to online dating.

* You will have to talk to approximately 16 people before you find a relationship.

* You'll go on dates with an average of four or five people before you find a good one.

* It takes an average of three days and 25 messages before most people exchange phone numbers.

* Most online daters are able to sort through all of that and find a relationship in about two months time.

Here's a tip: One way you could stand out in the crowd on the online dating sites is wearing a bright color in your main profile photo.  A different study shows that almost 75% of men and over 50% of women wear neutral colors like black, white or grey in their main photo.

Source: Chicago Tribune