Do you know how to hang a picture the right way?  If you're like most people, you hold it up to the wall, eyeball where it should go, then guesstimate where the nail needs to be.  But on average, you're going to hang things too high when you do it that way.

Here's a trick that art galleries use:  The center of whatever you're art work you're hanging should always be 57 inches up from the floor.  As in the center of the painting, not where the nail goes.

This way the whole thing is at eye level, and you won't have to crane your neck to look at it from the proper angle.  If you or your family is taller or shorter than average, it doesn't have to be 57 inches.  But the center of the artwork should be placed anywhere from 56 inches to 60 from the floor, to fit your eye line.

If your center is a half-an-inch too high or too low, it shouldn't matter much.  Or ,if you like to get technical and do it the right way.  Here's how...

Measure how tall your painting is, and divide that measurement by two.  Then measure from the top of the frame to the picture wire when it's pulled tight.

Subtract that from the first number and then add 57 inches = and THAT'S how high off the floor the nail should be placed to achieve the optimum viewing angle for your art work.

Source: Yahoo