Lots of people get tattoos everyday and I'll bet you know a dozen or more people that have tattoos on their bodies.  But as that permanent ink was drying some of those people might regret getting one or more of their tats.

A doctor in the UK who does tattoo removals made a list of the top ten tattoos people regret and ask him to laser off.  And to no ones surprise, lower back tattoos - a.k.a. "tramp stamps" - are number one.  Here are the ten tattoos he says people regret the most.

1.  Tramp stamps.

2.  A tattoo of something around your bicep, like barbed wire or a tribal pattern.

3.  An ex's name.

4.  Any tattoo you got while you were drunk.

5.  Any tattoo that got distorted because you gained weight.  Which is a reminder that you probably shouldn't get a tattoo on your hip or your stomach.

6.  Cheap tattoos.  Which you regret immediately if they don't look good.

7.  Any tattoo that you can't hide.  Like a tattoo on your wrist or your neck, which could prevent you from getting a job.  This includes any tattoo on your face.

8.  A tattoo of a band name.  Because there's a good chance you'll get sick of them, or they'll break up.

9.  Permanent eyebrows.  Because you eventually realize what everyone knew immediately - they don't look like real eyebrows.

10.  A tattoo of anything involving a trend or fad.  Like that "Twerk or Die" tattoo you're thinking about... Yeah, don't do that.

These days that regretful tattoo can be removed with the use of specially designed lasers which targets different color particles and can remove the pigmentation from the skin.  These laser treatments can be performed quickly and with little pain, depending on the body area being treated.

You can watch as this young lady starts a tattoo removal treatment from her lower back that takes just a few minutes.


Source: Daily Mail