On June 12, 2015, three anglers got reminded the "hard way", that they were breaking the law when they transported live fish in the Cowboy State.  Personnel from the Wyoming Department of Game and Fish encountered three fishermen who were in the act of transporting live fish in Wyoming. The citation was issued at Grayrocks Reservoir on June 12, 2015.

The fishing statute in Wyoming, states that "no person shall transport live fish or live fish eggs from the water of capture, except as provided by Commission regulations or as authorized by the Department. This also includes the transporting of live fish in the live well of a fishing boat that has been removed from the water."

According to the Department of Game & Fish, the primary purpose of the Wyoming law is for the protection of existing fisheries. They also understand that anglers may be ignorantly breaking the law so as to keep the fish fresh for dinner.

Game & Fish advises all anglers to place fish on ice in coolers, rather than in live wells, and to ensure all fish are indeed dead before transport.

Should you see this illegal activity going on, or if you have questions concerning any and all fishing laws in Wyoming, please call 1-877-943-3847 or text keyword WGFD and message to 847-411.