Let's eat!

How many in Casper know where the New Moon Cafe is? Okay...how many of you have actually been inside and had a meal? This was my mission.

In recent months, I've become intrigued by the New Moon. That's because it's been such a mystery for so long. You never see it on television or hear about it in a commercial. I don't think I've ever seen a car parked there. Still we've all driven by it countless times. It's that little unassuming cement block building butted up against One Hour Martinizing on CY, Just down from CY Discount Liquor. Now, I was born in Casper, grew up in Midwest, have lived here for the past 22 years...and had never even set foot inside the New Moon. That is until now.


The New Moon is more or less an original Casper landmark, having been in business since the 1940s. John and Amy, the current owners, have been operating it since the early '60s. Gracious as they were with any and all questions I asked, they must've thought I was a loon when I told them what I intended to do. Why do I say that? Because they didn't want us to film our visit no matter how much we schmoozed or how innocent and complimentary we promised our story would be . I won't lie. I was a little disappointed. I've obviously been overestimating my own star power all these years. This crap never happens to Brian Scott. 


Undaunted, I still treated my faithful sidekick and camera guy to a wonderful meal as we peppered Amy with questions about the place. She was very warm and receptive as she tried to get an understanding of what we really must be doing there. John, after our initial introduction, would stay in the kitchen for the rest of our evening.


This is no hatchet job. I just wanted to give a few of us who had no clue, an idea of what this quaint little restaurant that has stood the test of time for so long, is all about.

I loved it! The food was great! The inside was clean and kept. It is quite antiquated. We ate our meal at the kind of old-timey lunch counter one only sees in books nowadays. Behind the counter, all stainless steel. Ornate Oriental chandeliers hung above each booth. The tiniest relic of an old cash drawer that I've ever seen, greets you from it's perch as you walk in. The New Moon is cool. Its interior has a lot of red, like its outside suggests. It is also much more spacious than it appears from the street.


The New Moon does indeed have its regulars who swear that it's the best Chinese food in town. I can now see why. Amy told us that they used to be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These days it's only open in the evenings, but they hope after a little renovating to change that soon.

We did manage to shoot a little bit of video footage. Check it out and then go check out Casper's New Moon Cafe for yourself. Say "hi" to John and Amy for me!