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The idea was simple enough. Take two small chocolate wafers, put a dollop of white frosting between them, create a legend. Today we join in celebrating one hundred years of the Oreo.

The brainchild of the National Bisuit Company (Nabisco), Oreo Cookies were created back in 1912.  That was the year the Titanic sank, Roald Amundsen discovered the South Pole, Fenway Park opened, the International Opium Convention was signed, New Mexico became our 47th state, and the world was introduced to Tarzan.

Fill your heads with the rich delicious history of this pop culture icon, as we wish Happy Birthday to the Oreo - America's cookie.     


A cookie's just a cookie

But an Oreo's a treat

Pair it with a glass of milk

This combo can't be beat

When I was little I'd twist and lick

And throw away the rest

It wasn't 'til I was older

I realized the outside was the best

Different colors and Double Stuf, naked or with fudge

Still the same guilty pleasure but impossible to judge

Chocolate Chip, you have your fans

Oatmeal-Raisin, I just can't see

Not one of you compares to an Oreo

So rich and chocolatey

Oreo, I love you

Please stay true to form

You made me smile as my lunchbox treat

Added bags of pleasure to the dorm

Many have tried to copy you

Sorry not the same

'Cause when it's time to imitate

They're not even in your game

So this one's for you Oreo

On a great 100 years

My only hope is that one day

You'll also go better with beers