Sometimes it really pays to fly...for the airport screeners.

The New York Post is reporting that two TSA agents were arrested today after it was confirmed that the pair had stolen at least $160,000 in cash from checked baggage. 

Davon Webb, 30, and Couman Perad, who turned 36 today (Happy Birthday!) admitted to authorities that they got sticky fingers on a routine basis. 

In one instance, Perad, who joined the Transportation Security Administration in 2002, and Webb, who has been an agent since 2004, stole $39,000 on Jan. 30 from a bag at Terminal 8, sources said.

Both men had worked out a very elaborate scheme.  They would screen the bags, locate the money, and then remove it in a private screening room. 

This incident is just the latest in several recent security lapses; five of which happened at Newark Airport, including a knife in a carry-on that made it through a checkpoint.

Then there was the dog incident...

Another incident reported by the officials involved a dead dog that was brought to the airport by its owner and loaded onto a Continental Airlines jet without ever being screened.

TSA officials had reportedly ordered that the dog's carcass be screened, but it never happened.


You can read the full account, here.

Tsk..tsk...tsk!  It's a "dog gone" shame what's happening at some of our biggest airports.

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