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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - From Cell to Cell
#2 - Old School Idiocy
#3 - Twice Baked Ham

From Cell to Cell

Two butt-heads in California are in police custody after one of them butt-dialed 911 while they were breaking into a car – recording every detail of the crime in the process.

Nathan Teklemariam and Carson Rinehart were overheard smashing the windows of a vehicle and cackling about the haul they were making off with as well as the location of the spot they were going with the stuff. A cruiser was quickly dispatched to chase the men down a pursuit that was also caught on tape, complete with the driver's panicked cries of "he's following the [bleep] out of me, dude."

Police found the stolen items and cuffed the men – adding insult to injury by telling them exactly how they were found. (KXTV)


Old School Idiocy

A college student in Georgia who got an "F" in English made up for that by crafting an "A"-worthy piece of fiction – in which he faked his own kidnapping through a series of texts to his parents.

Aftab Islam failed the class for the second time this semester, and decided he couldn't face the music, so he fled his home and set up a tent in the woods a few miles away – sending a message from the supposed abductors saying that he was being held captive and warning them not to contact cops.

They did just that, of course, and investigators found that Aftab had purchased the phone used in the scam three days earlier. He has been charged with three felony counts each of false statements, tampering with evidence and terrorist threats – a litany that could result in jail time ... as well as a third shot at that English class. (Daily Mail)


Twice Baked Ham

A farmer in Washington state is giving new meaning to the term "pot-bellied pigs" – by fattening up his herd of hogs by adding a heaping helping of marijuana to their diets.

William Von Schneidau thinks that his herbal booster makes for extra "high"-quality meat because it adds fiber to the mix of foods the pigs eat. He's able to keep plenty of pot at his farm legally because voters in Washington recently approved one of the country's most liberal set of marijuana laws.

And for those worried about getting a contact high from eating the porkers' flesh, Von Schneidau insists they won't get baked from the baked ham. (Huffington Post)