Spa treatments just got even crazier with the recent opening of the LIME Huvafen Fushi in the island nation of the Maldives. It’s traditional for spas to set themselves in amazing locations, so the natural beauty can help relax you, but this place goes above and beyond by being at the bottom of the ocean.

The crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean are the walls in this first-ever fully underwater spa. The only way to get to this resort is by seaplane or speedboat, and once you’re there the staff will pamper you like never before. They offer a wide variety of spa treatments, including the signature LIME Light – Crystal Ritual and Turquoise Explosion. That sounds kind of like having sex with a chick at a Phish concert. We’ve never done either — gone to a Phish show or had sex.

If you’re claustrophobic, they also provide spa treatments in pavilions above the water. Maybe you should have thought about that on the speedboat ride over.

[Via Huvafen Fushi]