Anglers near Casper have a unique opportunity to catch Arctic grayling and now golden trout in a community fishing pond.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department stocked a limited number of both Arctic grayling and goldens in Jessica’s Pond (near Speas Fish Hatchery) in mid-October. Both these fish are generally stocking in high-mountain and alpine lakes within the state.

Steve Sharon, fish culture supervisor for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department said,

“This is the second year we were able to bring Arctic grayling to Jessica’s Pond. Last year we had a great response from anglers in Casper who enjoyed fishing for this unique fish, so in addition to Arctic grayling, we are stocking golden trout as well"

Golden trout are native to California and have been introduced to many alpine lakes in Wyoming. A golden trout is distinguished from a cutthroat trout by borders of white on its paired fin, and from rainbow trout by its smaller scales and spotting only on the posters part on its body. Goldens are readily caught with spinning, bait, and fly-fishing gear. The golden trout stocked in Jessica’s Pond were between eight and nine inches.

The Arctic grayling are from the Dubois Fish Hatchery. They are between 10 and 11 inches each. Arctic grayling have been stocked into a number of high lakes throughout the state for the benefit of anglers. Grayling are easily caught on small flies and spinners.