The 90s were a weird time for all of us, and especially for our wardrobes. While some of the fashions of our childhood seem to be making a comeback (Hammer pants, really? Again?) there are some things that we're really hoping be making a comeback any time soon. Here are ten t-shirts we'll own up to actually purchasing that we're hoping stay securely locked in the fashion time capsule.

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    The technology was pretty cool, we'll admit it. The unforseen downside of these glorified tie-dye shirts was that they really spotlighted our sweaty teenage pits, which didn't do us any favors with the ladies. Good riddance.

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    Big Johnson

    We can't believe we were allowed to wear these to school, but unfortunately, we had quite the collection. Eventually people started to catch on, and the shirts were pretty much banned everywhere, but not before we had sufficiently embarrassed ourselves.

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    The Kramer

    Just because a joke is funny, doesn't mean it should be on a t-shirt. God how we wish we had learned that lesson earlier. At least we can destroy all evidence, but this poor guy...

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    Novelty Drinking Shirts

    These are already corny on their own, but back when we wore them, we couldn't even buy beer. This was pretty much the official uniform of posers.

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    French Connection Shirts

    In 9th grade, this was the funniest joke in the world. Now? Not so much.

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    Hot Topic Shirts

    In the 90s, Hot Topic had an entire wall of black shirts with white text that said "funny" things on them like this one, or "I do whatever the voices in my head tell me to do." Nowadays we do our best to disguise our mental illnesses, rather than advertise them.

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    I'm With Stupid

    The original shirts from the 70s had an arrow pointing to the person next to you, and two decades later some moron decided that if that was funny (it wasn't) then an arrow pointing up yourself would be hilarious. It wasn't, but we thought it was.

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    Sports Caricature Shirts

    Remember these? Granted, it was right around the time where every mall in America had caricature artist who, for $5 would turn you into a bobblehead drawing. We've got one of those drawings in our attic somewhere, probably under a pile of these shirts.

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    Brand Parody Shirts

    Don't judge us, we're already judging ourselves. Also, don't pretend you didn't have one.

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    Fake Muscle Shirts

    Listen, we got it as a gift, but yes, we wore it a couple of times. This one was bad enough that we realized it eventually, though. The women's version of the trend was an airbrushed bikini bod, and was worn exclusively by 60-year-old women on the beach. What were we thinking?