If you were around in the 90's and you were a country music fan, you will remember David Lee Murphy...some of his hits, just o name a few:  Dust On The Bottle & Party Crowd and with all the fishin' songs out there right now...I just had to share this one with you!

After a little research, I found out that David has put his own singing career on hold to focus on his song writing passion, and I'm sure you'll thank him for that when you hear that he has written hits for some of  the biggest names in country right now, Jason Aldean with 'Big Green Tractor' & Kenny Chesney with 'Livin' in Fast Forward'.  He's enjoyed huge success with both of those songs!

David's most recent song is a new one from an up & coming artist and it's typical of David with a rocking beat & party tone...check it out the latest single from Kevin Fowler, 'Hell Yeah, I Like Beer'...look out for star appearances!


This might just be my new favorite!  I think David has yet another hit on his hands!

In addition to songwriting, David still takes the time to hit the scene once and awhile with a few tour stops around the US & Canada.