Maybe you have noticed fewer posts by your favorite Facebook pages lately, it's because of more of those changes they keep making... I know how to fix it now!

We all have our interests, and "liked" the Facebook pages we thought we would like to keep up with. I had noticed that I was not getting as many updates from pages I had chosen. Now I know why.

All you have to do to get status updates, is scroll your mouse over the "Liked" button on your favorite pages, and choose "Get Notifications" in the drop down menu if you want notifications sent to your mobile device, or to get updates to appear on your News Feed choose "Show in News Feed".


For all of you page admins... Same works the other way around too.

If you find that you have been getting TOO MANY updates, you can still "like" a page to support it, but you don't have to get all of that traffic with your mobile device, or if it's a drunk friends page... you can like it, and never have to hear from them at all.