Do you realize that people judge you everyday for what you post on Facebook? It's true!

But did you know that what people post about on their own time lines, says a lot about your personality and the same goes for your Facebook friends?

Psychologists at the Brunel University in London gave 555 people personality tests, then studied the type of Facebook posts they make.  They found four pretty strong connections between personality traits and social media postings.

1.  People with low self-esteem are much more likely than anyone else to post about their significant other.

2.  Narcissists are most likely to post about their achievements.  And the more likes and comments they get as validation, the more likely they are to keep posting them.

3.  Narcissists are also the most likely to write about their diet and exercise routine, as a way to subtly advertise how physically attractive they are.

4.  And finally, conscientious people are more likely to write about their children.

But what about those of us who always post jokes??  Guess I'll let my Facebook friends decide what that says about my personality...

Source: Brunel University