Wyoming is one of 22 states that permits the sale of all, or most types of, consumer fireworks. Local laws, however, may highly restrict types permitted, or make fireworks not permitted at all.

It is best to check with the city, county or nearest fire marshal where you may have hoped to light up the 4th.

In areas where the fireworks are allowed in Wyoming, they must be lit on private land with permission from the landowner. There is an exception. Cities do sometimes have special areas designated for the public to use fireworks. As of May 2012, areas like this could be found in Worland, Laramie County and Evanston.

Four different varieties of fireworks are allowed to be used only with a permit in Wyoming. Those are Bottle Rockets, Sky Rockets, Roman Candles and Firecrackers.

By the way, patrons must be at least 16 or older to purchase fireworks in Wyoming.

Native American Tribes may have fireworks stores on reservations that are exempt from state and local authority. Those sell to people that are not in the tribe.

Fortunately, it does not appear any fire bans will be in place for Independence Day 2017. No serious fire dangers exist – keeping in mind that many places in Wyoming are always on the dry side.

Lastly, it is always illegal to set off fireworks:

at state parks or historic sites

on state land

on BLM land

at all national forests and grasslands; and at all national parks in Wyoming.

Enjoy the holiday!