Then: Heather Donahue (along with her blue hat and nostrils) was the star and poster girl of the 1999 DIY horror smash hit ‘The Blair Witch Project.’ It was the then-24-year old’s first credited big screen role, and she ended up earning $4 million for it since her salary was tied to the movie’s success.

Now: Donahue’s post-’Blair Witch’ acting career never really took off, with her biggest roles being in the Jason Biggs/Freddie Prinze Jr. rom-com ‘Boys and Girls’ and the 2002 TV Miniseries ‘Taken.’  So a couple years ago she burned everything related to her life as an actress, and began to concentrate on her new passion — growing medical marijuana. Donahue documented this unusual transition in her book ‘Grow Girl,’ which is available on January 5. Let’s hope everyone in the ‘Paranormal Activity’ movies is paying attention.