'Tis the season and the time to crown a winner in this week's "Where in Casper" contest.  It was a challenging one, but a fun one too.  I hope that you enjoyed it.

On a side note: there's a lot going on next week, so we're going to suspend the contest for seven days or so.  It'll give me time to rest up from my walks and to also scout some new and exciting locations.  It will also give you some time to look around and note some of the finer details in our town so you'll be ready next time.  Thanks!

Just click through to see where I've been all week long.
























Hey Pam Westbrook!  Congratulations!  You are the week's sole winner.  I'm giving it to you because even though you didn't have the exact location, it's obvious you knew which one I meant.  To my knowledge, this is the only existing old phone booth-like thing still on the downtown streets.  You can see it for yourself at the corner of 1st and Durbin, on the north side.  Those first pictures were graffiti from the back.  So far I've received no retaliatory gang violence.

Pam, just stop by 150 North Nichols at your nearest convenience to pick up a couple of passes for the downtown movie palaces.

Thanks for playing!  We'll be back in a week!