Nice going!!  Once again, the people come out in droves to determine where I've been hanging out over the last few days, and you didn't disappoint me.  Thanks for all of the great responses.

Because of all the awesome feedback, and to be a little more fair, I think that I'm going to start awarding the prizes to TWO individuals instead of just one.  That should give warm fuzzies to not only the one who nailed the location in the shortest amount of time, but also to a randomly selected runner-up.  We'll see how that goes.

Again, thanks for playing and happy Friday!

Just click through to see this week's mystery location and winners.























Those who thought I was marching by the Salvation Army building downtown, nailed it!

This week we congratulate Derek Beeson AND Kendra Bullock.  You've both won a pair of tickets to enjoy a great flick at the downtown Movie Palaces.  Your keen eyes have served you well.  You can claim your tickets at our studios at 150 North Nichols.

Stay tuned.  Another location comes your way Sunday night.