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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Last Call ... for Freedom
#2 - Your Casa Is My Casa!
#3 - Whistle While You Steal

Last Call ... for Freedom

A British man has some jail time on tap after he broke into a pub in the middle of the night to have a couple of rounds – then fell asleep after knocking back one too many.

Adam Bell let himself into the tavern after closing time and started helping himself to some beer. He drank a good bit directly from the tap, and after the suds started to take effect, he stood in front of the bar as if he expected a bartender to pour him a fresh one. The proprietor found him early the next morning, passed out on the floor, and called cops.

Bell had also busted into the pool table to steal the change inside, and was charged with several counts of burglary. (Mirror U.K.)


Your Casa Is My Casa!

A Florida man staked his claim to the title of world's friendliest burglar by breaking into a home and hugging an 11-year-old who was home alone – before having a pleasant phone conversation with the boy's dad, who'd called to check on him.

Earl "The Pearl" Newbry told both the kid and his dad that the house actually belonged to him, and to prove it, he made himself at home, brewing up a pot of coffee, downing a beer and smoking a cigarette from a pack he'd found on a table. The panicked lad managed to hightail it to the house next door, where a neighbor called cops to the scene.

Newbry faces charges of burglary on an occupied dwelling along with assault and theft. (WZVN)


Whistle While You Steal

A Virginia man is grumpy because someone went into his yard when he was sleepy – and stole one of the Seven Dwarfs figures he keeps there for decoration.

Ron Waterman says he spent nine months cleaning, repairing and repainting the concrete lawn ornaments before placing them out – but just a few days later, someone sneaky and stealthy came around and made off with the statue of Bashful, along with the dwarf house at the center of the display. He figures the dopey act was committed by a group, since the house alone weighed in at 400 pounds.

Waterman has left the remaining six dwarfs in the yard, along with a sign that reads: "Please return my dwarf. No questions asked. If I find it on your property, I will call the law." (Virginian-Pilot)