My buddy and I will have this argument every time we see each other. While I always argue that Les Paul invented the first electric guitar, I'm wrong. Les Paul put together the first solid body electric in 1941, 10 years after the first electric guitar.

My buddy will claim it was Leo Fender. He, too, is wrong. Fender came up with his "Broadcaster" (later called the telecaster, and then beefed up and called the stratocaster...or "strat") later in the 40's

According to this story from, Adolph Rickenbacker is the inventer of the first modern amplifiable electric guitar. It was a semi-hollow body guitar with sound holes. The first complete setup was in 1931, but it had all began in Los Angeles, California in the 1920s (Read Rickenbacker’s history here).

After some research, there were a few random people who attempted to put an electric guitar together earlier, but the main problem was most people were either electricians, or musicians...not both. You have to remember that back then, electricity was still a relatively new thing. So really, Edison and Tesla started the ball rolling. In some weird way, they were the first rock-stars!

Check out the video below for a quick guide to building your own axe