Hey y'all...Toby Keith just welcomed a new addition to the family; his musical family, that is.

Krystal Keith, who sang with father, Toby on a cover version of the James Taylor/Carly Simon hit, "Mockingbird,"  has just been signed to her dad's label--Showdog-Universal Music. 

Toby  mentioned just a few months ago that if, and when, his daughters finished their education and wanted to pursue a career in music, he would gladly welcome them to the music label that he created, and has a massive controlling interest  in.

Toby recently revealed to CMT:

 "She sang all her life, of course. But getting in the studio, she was a little anxious. She sang her butt off today." He adds, "I've never worked in the studio with her very much. When we did 'Mockingbird,' I wasn't there for when she laid her vocals down." So is dad pretty easy on his little girl? Keith admits, "Unfairly, I'm probably a little harder on her. But the other artists came in and I said, 'I won't step in too much until you guys ask me to.' And with her it's like she wants me to take the lead on it."

We're certainly looking forward to seeing what she can do.  Krystal Keith has a very cool ring to it.