We're giving you a chance at $1,000 twice a day throughout May. There's a lot you can do with that money. It's easy to sit there and say, "if I won that money, I'd...," and let your imagination run wild. Empty promises, every one of them. Here are five things you could do if you won $1,000 that sound great but, in all honesty, you probably won't - let's be truthful, now.

The five things you probably should do, but won't are:

Donate it to charity
If you run across a large some of money, one of the first good deed ideas you think of is to donate it to a worth while charity. Maybe a charity you've received services from. I'm not doubting you wouldn't donate some of it to that charity, but probably not the whole thing.

Give it to your church
C'mon, now. Even if you're a strong member of your church, again, you're not going to give your church all of your winnings.

Save it for your kid's college fund
This would be great if you would, but you won't. I thought of this if I could win, but I had to pay my own way to get through college - my kids can do the same.

Give it to your mom
After all the times you've borrowed money from your mom and never paid her back, you probably should. But, again, great idea but you probably won't give your mom the money.

Fix something at your house/car
The leaky ceiling , the broken stairs, the ripped up backyard - all things that can wait another day. Although you should invest some of that money into your house or car to keep them nice n' pretty, you probably won't.

What are you going to do if you win $1,000? You'll go out to eat, maybe get some new clothes and you'll pay off some bills you've had since Christmas. Did I read your mind? Creepy, huh.