So, you probably don't already know that Kanye West originally used the song in this video to quit his job making pirated music.

But by now,  you've probably seen the video of the gal who did the 'quit-eo'  dancing to that same Kanye song.

Well, Brenna Jennings is a work-at-home mom who is sick of her work hours (all of them) and working conditions (pink toys everywhere). She made this parody of Marina V. Shifrin's  "quit-eo" of her job making viral videos in Korea. Ironically, Shifrin's video, in which she dances to Kanye's "Gone" while her complaints appear as captions, went viral. Jennings' parody, which is arguably even cuter since it doesn't seem to be intended to land her next job, seems ready to do the same. I am not a work at home Mom, in fact I work 2 jobs, and chase 3 kids...but a certainly can relate!  :D