According to a new study from the website Wallet Hub, Wyoming is the 4th worst state in the country for teenage drivers. Teen drivers in Wyoming also drive more miles on average than any other state, and ranked the 2nd worst in the nation for Teen DUI's per capital.

The article 2015's Best and Worst States for Teen Drivers analyzed several factors that affect teen behind the wheel, including driving laws, safety conditions, insurance premiums and the cost of auto repairs.

In addition to Wyoming's low ranking for miles driven and DUI's, teenage drivers in our state have the third highest auto insurance premiums. Wyoming also ranks third from the bottom for the presence of impaired driving laws. Perhaps the most sobering statistic of all, Wyoming has the 13th highest percentage of teen driving fatalities, per capital.

New York was ranked as the best state for teen drivers followed by Oregon, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Delaware. South Dakota was ranked the worst state for teenagers to drive in, followed by Montana and North Dakota. See the full results of the study here.