Every state has a beer tax. It just so happens that Wyoming has the lowest in the country. Should Wyoming think about raising our beer tax? Pollers say no.

This month makes four years since raising beer taxes. There was even recent talk of raising our low beer tax in legislation.

If it had been accepted, revenue would have increased for centers dealing with alcohol abuse. Well, it appears Wyoming residents are still not any more inspired to re-visit the beer tax.

Wyoming’s beer tax was already the nation’s lowest in 2013, at the same zero point two cents. And again, it is Tennessee’s beer tax that is still the highest, at $1.29.

See the beer tax rate of other state’s here, and see the margin of victory for not raising that tax in the Cowboy State.

No, I like the lowest beer tax as is.   54.55 Percent

Yes, some higher revenue could do some good.     45.45 Percent