Thanks to the support from local conservation districts, county commissioners, Wyoming Ranch Families and supporters of the Wyoming State Fair, on June 4th the Wyoming Board of Agriculture and the Wyoming Natural Resource Foundation are hosting a volunteer work day on the Fairgrounds to plant 52 large trees and install tree guards on 25 trees.

"The Living Legacy program was initiated by the Board of Agriculture in 2006, as a result of this program and the new donations for this year, over 160 trees have been planted on the State Fairgrounds,” said Patrick Zimmerer, Vice President of the Board of Agriculture. “We are really excited to add a new component this year and have tree guards installed around a number of the trees,” he added.

We have around 40 people signed up to help on the June 4th volunteer workday day,” said Bobbie Frank, Foundation Executive Director. “We welcome anyone who wants to help get these trees in the ground and the tree guards installed,” she added.

Lunch and dinner will be provided to volunteers. For more information or to RSVP please email Kelly Brown at or 307-632-5716.