What could we possibly have against Wyoming Eclipse Festival also turning state holiday? It could happen for some. Of course, a house bill on it says it won't for others.

HB0187  Total solar eclipse day. Sponsored by: Zwonitzer

AN ACT relating to solar eclipse day; providing that August 21, 2017 shall be designated as Total Solar Eclipse Day; authorizing the governor to grant administrative leave as specified; authorizing the office of homeland security to provide grants to local governments for Total Solar Eclipse Day; imposing duties on the office of homeland security; specifying applicability; providing an appropriation; and providing for an effective date. 

Among those who will definitely not be given that time off will be employees of the Wyoming Highway Patrol. Can you imagine the traffic they'll manage, on that day when it's dark?

All of Central Wyoming is bracing itself for next August. Starting on the weekend before that Monday, the 21st, hotels are already sold out. We fear it may be to Casper what Frontier Days are to Cheyenne, only all packed into a few days instead of 10.