Walleye fishing is shrouded by lots of secrets!  The more I travel around Wyoming trying to find walleyes, the more I find folks who head out on the many Wyoming lakes in the hopes of doing the same. But walleye are a tricky fish to catch and if you want to learn how to catch more and bigger walleye you might want to try fishing in a walleye tournament.

Last year I set out to learn more about fishing for walleye and thought that if I really want to learn more about these fish I should surround myself with folks who love doing that same thing.  So I took my boat and a close friend and we signed up for a couple of walleye fishing tournaments.

The people who fish these tournaments LOVE to fish!  Most really love walleye fishing and once you get to talking with them about it, they open up and don't mind sharing a few tips and tricks to locating and catching these elusive fish.

In all, my partner and I fished in four tournaments.  We didn't win any prize money, but we learned a lot about ourselves, handling our boat in rough water, dealing with mechanical issues on the water and a ton about how to catch walleye at different lakes in a multitude of lake conditions.

The biggest walleye tournament series in Wyoming is the Wyoming Walleye Stampede which kicks off it's season at Glendo Reservoir in May.  The Stampede offers multiple divisions to so there's a little something for everyone regardless of skill or boat motor size, with plenty of opportunities to win cash and prizes doing what you enjoy - walleye fishing!

The Wyoming Walleye Stampede is a circuit run by anglers for anglers.  These tournaments offer a great opportunity to socialize with other fishermen and women who share a passion for walleye fishing.  These events are professionally run and are a great time for the entire family.

Here are the dates for the 2016 Walleye Stampede -

May 14th and 15th @ Glendo Reservoir

June 4th and 5th @ Glendo Reservoir

June 25th and 26th @ Boysen Reservoir

If you'd like to compete in a tournament or just want to find out more info about the Wyoming Walleye Stampede - CLICK HERE.

I thought I'd share this info with fellow anglers who might want to join the fishing fun on the water and learn more about catching elusive walleye!!

Source: Wyoming Walleye Stampede