The Wyoming Walleye Stampede has their 2nd event of the year scheduled for this weekend.  If you're lucky and can catch walleye, here's your chance to win cash and prizes while out on the lake.

If you love walleye fishing, like me - and you're one for a competitive challenge, then don't miss the Wyoming Walleye Stampede's 2nd event of the year this weekend June 7th and 8th at Glendo Reservoir.

With multiple divisions to compete in, there are lots of opportunities to win cash and prizes doing what you enjoy - walleye fishing!

The Wyoming Walleye Stampede is a circuit run by anglers for anglers.  These tournaments offer a great opportunity to socialize with other fishermen and women who share a passion for walleye fishing.  These events are professionally run and are a great time for the entire family.

How much money can I win?  This is truly dependent on the number of teams registered!  But the Stampede events feature a minimum 80% cash payout, which includes an additional $2,100 in sponsor money added to each event and 20% of all teams participating in the tournament will win cash prizes.


  • Mixed Couples Division  ($400)
  • Family Division ($400)
  • Poor Boys Division ($400)
  • Dinosaur Division ($400).
  • Big Fish (awarded Humminbird Product valued at $800+) Sponsored by JOHNSON OUTDOORS.
  • Top Finisher $250 for Top LUND & $250 Top RANGER finisher. Sponsored by CROWLEY MARINE.
  • First Team out of the Money Sportsman's Warehouse is sponsoring $200 certificate.
  • Team "Shoot-Outs" will also be drawn at each event. These will be sponsor driven only, so number of shoot-outs will vary for each event. ($200)


Divisional qualifications shall be defined as follows: Family Division shall be defined as team consisting of immediate family. Mixed couples (male/female)team. Poor Boys team is any team participating with a 125 horsepower motor or less. Dinosaur Division is any team competing where the combined age of team members is 100 years or more.

If you'd like to compete in this weekends kickoff event for the Wyoming Walleye Stampede, you need to get your paid registration submitted by June 5th - CLICK HERE.

Source: Wyoming Walleye Stampede