There's a re-gifting epidemic in this country and it is being passed around more than we realized.

According to a new Christmas survey out shows that more than half of us (52% of people) will re-gift something this Christmas. Meaning a majority of us will be passing on a gift we didn't like or want to someone else.  Will you be one of these re-gifter's this year??

Here are the top 10 things that people will re-gift this year.

1. Socks - Who doesn't need socks??

2. Underwear -  Now that's just wrong!

3. Toiletries - I could understand if it's not one of your favorite brands

4. Candles - Especially Scented Candles...

5. Picture frames - Some people just have terrible taste!

6. CDs - Open and Burn, then give to someone else...

7. Clothes - Wrong size, Wrong color, Wrong style.

8. Jewelry - But only the cheaper stuff.

9. Foods - especially fruitcake.  Does anyone still buy fruitcake?

10. Books - This I understand... lol

Source: Daily Mail