Living in Wyoming, we tend to get a little spoiled. There is so much beauty all around us on a daily and nightly basis. It could be easy to take it for granted, but with the help of Eric Hines, this video will bring it all back into perspective. Watch as he captures high above the fields and mountains of Wyoming, the infinite amount of stars that shine brilliantly in the night sky. This time lapse reveals the magnificent thrill to be seen here, and everywhere, when simple looking up.

Not too long ago, I slept out on the trampoline with my youngest son, Jayce. I'm always amazed at the beauty of the stars.  We might be a little spoiled, since we get to live here under the stars year-round. But we try to never take our beautiful state for granted.  This video was created in the summer months across Eastern Wyoming (with some footage of West Nebraska), watch as this footage gives the Equality State some well deserved recognition.  It's sure to leave locals beaming with pride and others envious.