Every kid dreams of going to Disneyland! Just look at all of the Disney advertisements, kids over come with joy when they learn they're going to Disneyland.

Some kids want to go for the rides, some go to be a part of real interaction entertainment. While others go to pledge their allegiance to the Dark Side!

One of the interactive entertainment displays at Disneyland is the opportunity to attend the Jedi Academy and take up the Jedi crusade against the Dark Side.

The Gallego family on a trip to Disneyland shot this video of their little Jedi to be - Sariah - who was chosen to join Jedi Academy! Sariah, deals a heavy blow to her Jedi piers when she decides to bow to Darth Vader and joins the Dark Side in front of everyone. Darth Vader Wins Again!!! (EVIL LAUGH) Ha,ha,ha,ha....