Apparently, a senior officer in the Dallas, Texas Police Department has been very naughty.

Senior Corporal, Theadora Ross, a 26-year veteran with the department, and another woman, Malva Delley, are accused of collecting $250,000 in reward money from the city's "Crime stoppers" program.

The scam was carried out over 5 years.  Ross was responsible for taking anonymous tips and selecting those eligible for a cash reward.  To get those rewards, tipsters are given a password and a tip number that they then take to the bank.  Only one problem.  Ross would provide them with this information...and then beat them there!

"An individual went to pick-up his authorized tip at the bank," Verney said, “and was told that somebody had preceded him, and had his secret number and his secret code word.”

You can check out the full story with accompanying video, here.

The two are currently in custody facing serious charges and time.  We can all "bank" on that.

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