The Cowboy State is a muse to many. From the open prairie to the snowy mountains, Wyoming has a rhythm and a melody at its core. The melody has inspired many from Neil Young, to Gene Autry, to Frank Zappa, and more.

Most songs have a folk or country and western flair to them. Musicians often use Wyoming as a tribute to the west. There are a handful of jazz or rock songs, but they don’t call it the Cowboy State for nothing.


John Denver – Song of Wyoming


Neil Young – The Emperor of Wyoming


Gene Autry – The Hills of Wyoming


Frank Zappa – Poofter’s Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead


Chris LeDoux - Paint Me Back Home in Wyoming

Saggy Bottom Boys – Wyoming Christmas Time

Northcote – Leaving Wyoming


Patti Fiasco – Wyoming is for Lovers


Envoi – What Happened in Wyoming


Eddie Moore and the Outer Circle – 4600 Wyoming


Papa Razzi and the Photogs – Brooke from Wyoming


Mario Matteoli – Happy Birthday (From Wyoming)


Nicos - Hoopoe of Wyoming


Summer in Siberia – Wyoming Portal


The Seth Chaplas Wyoming Sky

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