The natural wonders on this list have each been deemed a "must-see" before you leave this earth.

So much beauty in this great nation of ours. I'm seriously considering making a bucket list of all of the places I want to see right here in America. Luckily, it looks like I won't have to go too far to knock out the good ones.

At least according to one list I found online. recently compiled a list of the "30 Breathtaking North American Natural Wonders You Have to See Before You Die." I'd say that list is a good place to start with my bucket list. From coast to coast, they looked at glaciers, beaches, mountains, geysers, and more.

Wyoming was features twice on this list for Yellowstone and for Old Faithful.

These two sites are famous across the nation, although I'm not sure everyone immediately associates them with the state of Wyoming. After all, some people don't even think our state exists. It's good to see Wyoming represented on this list and be praised for the "hot springs, geysers, and mudpots."

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