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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Cold Hands, Warm Jail
#2 - These Cops Are Real Stiffs
#3 - A Kick in the Nuts!


Cold Hands, Warm Jail

Here's one way to book a room for the night - a Florida man robbed a convenience store and told the clerk he was doing it to make sure he had a spot at the county lockup.

Nicholas Brian Critchlow walked into a Kangeroo store and told the clerk he really needed a place to stay, so he planned to steal something to guarantee himself a bed at the local jail. Critchlow grabbed two cans of Four Loko and headed for the door -- after leaving his name with the cashier.

When a deputy caught up with Critchlow, he'd already guzzled one of the beverages and admitted he only wanted to be locked up because it was too cold to stay outside. The cop obliged, hauling the 22-year-old in and finding he already had an outstanding warrant that could result in a much more extended stay.

Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel


These Cops Are Real Stiffs

Officials in one town in India have trimmed the police budget by hiring some real stiffs -- cardboard replicas of cops. The cutouts are being placed at intersections where traffic is especially heavy.

The city of Bangalore has stationed three glossy cutouts along one stretch of road, and representatives of the police department say they've noticed a downturn in traffic fatalities. A spokesperson says, "Impact has been quite good. A lot of people when they see from a little distance, they immediately turn back. In fact, one auto driver was found talking to one [of the cutouts]."

Not everyone likes the arrangement, however. A local paper reports that members of the public are unhappy that their intelligence is being insulted.

Source: Orange News


A Kick in the Nuts!

A conservative politician in Alabama found himself in handcuffs after being busted for the nuttiest of reasons - stealing about 22 cents worth of cashews!

Dale Peterson, who's run for office several times on a tough-on-crime platform that saw him rail against "thugs and criminals," was taken to jail after a Sam's Club employee reported that he'd eaten a handful of nuts from a jar and then replaced it on the shelf without paying. Peterson called the bust "bizarre and idiotic," and says he simply changed his mind about buying the jar and forgot that he'd even eaten the nuts.

Last fall, Peterson had another "bizarre" arrest for shoplifting after he was caught stealing beer from a Wal-Mart, an incident that he blamed on forgetting to pay for the suds after a trip to the store bathroom.

Source: Daily Caller