Several times a year it seems as though some crazy DUI story pops up where someone is arrested for being intoxicated on board some peculiar or unusual transportation.  

During the winter months things are a bit more subdued, we see the stories about people who get busted for drunk driving and not much is out of the ordinary.  But have you ever heard of a DUI while on a snowmobile?  I'll admit it happens, especially in the winter... but here something you very rarely see - someone get busted for DUI while driving a snowmobile in the summer.

On Sunday night, June 29th a 43-year-old man from Lansing, Michigan was clearly hammered and was driving his snowmobile around.  Unfortunately for him, he ended up crashing into a tree.

When the police arrived the man was arrested for a DUI (his third), but his first that wasn't in a car.

And at the time of his arrest, it was 84 degrees outside. What was he doing on a snowmobile in the summertime?  Your guess is as good as mine...

Source: The Smoking Gun