I took my sweetheart out for dinner last night and as we sat and looked at the menu we noticed a lot of buzz words and then noticed the price.

If you're someone who enjoy's eating out, there are many items on every menu you should avoid as they are not what they seem.  In fact, thrillist.com recently asked a handful of chefs and restaurant owners to point out the most overpriced things on menus and here is what they pointed out as overpriced.

Fried Calamari - one of my favorites, but they said it's almost always overpriced and contains way too much breading.

Spicy Tuna Rolls - again guilty!  I love sushi, but a lot of sushi chefs use old leftover pieces of tuna because they know the spicy sauce covers up the fishy taste.

Oysters - I still enjoy these, but only when I'm where they harvest them local.  Most oysters on the half-shell, unless shucked in front of you - came in a jar.  Oysters on the half shell can be marked up - up to 3,000 percent!

Truffles and Truffle oil.  This was news to me, but makes total sense.  A lot of resturants actually use imitation truffle oil and even if you get real truffles, you only get a few flecks.  Buyer beware!!

Finally, anything with Lobster in it.  Restaurants almost never put the good pieces of lobster in their dishes.  It's usually scraps and the tails are sold on their own at market price.

As you head out to eat this holiday season with your family and friends, you might want to avoid these menu items!  For the complete list of menu items to avoid - Click Here!

Source: thrillist.com