cites a new report from VinePair, saying it may become more expensive to drink Mexican beer. Thrillist called it, "the beer we drink when we want to imagine we're somewhere on a beach."

We do have beaches in know, for when it is warm.

Maybe trade policy isn't a fun topic, but it's about beer here, so it may be important. The price could go up if President-elect Trump's proposal does rid NAFTA's free trade for us, Mexico, and Canada. That has allowed beer to be traded beer duty-free, so, you get the picture about beer prices.

How much it costs companies to make beer in Mexico would also rise. Mexican breweries buy millions of bushels of grain from us inexpensively. If no more NAFTA, however, VinePair adds that the price of barley would also increase.

This would mean we should get ready to fork over more for beers like Corona and Modelo, or get a taste for one of America's many Mexican styled beers.

"Stay thirsty, my friend."